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Network Optimization


Palogix offers comprehensive optimization and execution strategies for logistics and transportation management. Our network optimization software takes the guess work out of logistics by offering multiple solutions in hours, compared to days.


Palogix is an integrated service provider taking a consultative approach with our customers. We collaboratively develop an understanding of your supply chain network to ensure we systematically identify all existing challenges. We work with our customers to collect the necessary data to build a baseline of the current network, ensuring we produce the best results with superior value.

Transportation & Brokerage
Cross Docking &
Value Added Services


Our Logistic Engineers perform a network analysis and replicate your existing operations to produce a baseline of your current network. We then utilize your baseline network to create a fully optimized version of your supply chain. Using speed as a competitive advantage, we employ our technology to run “what-if” scenarios in hours, as opposed to days. We are able to optimize entire networks with multiple customers using all modes – creating multi-leg plans, backhauls, pooling and cross docking scenarios.


We determine the optimal solution with cost savings advantages and assist with supplier sourcing and transportation mode decisions. Our engineering team is continuously reviewing all plans to identify cost savings, necessary route or transportation mode changes and shipping frequency adjustments. All while providing constant monitoring and communicating changes to stakeholders, suppliers, carriers, and logistics staff. With Palogix’stailored supply chain optimization plan we are able to respond to fluctuating shipping demands week to week, or day by day.

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Our mission is to build unrivaled partnerships and value for our clients through knowledge, creativity and dedication. We make logistics easy at a lower cost and provide superior results for our customers and shareholders.

Palogix Supply Chain Services is a 3rd Party Logistics Company offering a comprehensive package of services, or single solutions on an a la carte basis.

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